Garlic scape and bok choi kim chee

Our garlic scapes and Gorzynski's bok choi married in a gay Kim chee paste made of garlic, ginger, Korean ground chili powder, น้ำปลา,花椒,and sugar.


Other farms

This year, because of the many friends of Denniston Hill who are coming up to volunteer their time to help garden and build our new barn studio, we bought a farm share from Gorzinsky Ornery Farms out in Callicoon. Gorzinsky is a pioneer in local, sustainable farming. It's been nice to pick up these beautiful boxes if produce every Tuesday. Not only are they delicious, they give us an opportunity to see what is growing (and not growing) in other parts if the county. This week's box included list of lettuce, rocket/arugula, green shallots, green leeks, spinach, chives, cilantro, and bok choi. They seem to be having trouble with their weed control strategies and their pea crop failed (ours went in later and, touch wood, seems pretty healthy) but otherwise the produce looks amazing and tastes even better.


Garlic scapes

Soon to be turned into Kim chee.

Rank and file

Brussels sprouts


The new garden design is full if surprises, like these chamomile plants that line the borders of the squash beds. Our new garden plays with the boundaries of wild and cultivated, value and valueless, farming and gleaning.

More borders


The weather has been very hot and then it got cool and damp. These transplants look a little worse for wear but we're hoping that they pull through.

More spring stirrings

Spring stirrings

Parsley and kale