Eggplant Delivery

A big eggplant delivery came yesterday. The plants are waiting in the greenhouse while we prepare their space outside.

To the left of the eggplants, our radish plants are starting to break through the soil.

Outside, the pea plants are sprouting up and starting to unfold.

The black and white zucchini plants are doing well.

And the squash plants are settling in nicely.


Pickled Garlic Scapes

Yesterday we took off all the garlic scapes.

So the garlic will be ready to dig up in a few weeks.

Then we pickled the scapes.

And they are delicious.


Wildberry Picking; Flower Watching

Picking wild strawberries in front of the house, on the side of the road.

Watching the flowers on the cucumber and tomato plants.



Flowers becoming tomatoes.

And basil in a tomato plant shadow.


Real Basil and Shiso

Today we planted basil--the real stuff. The last basil post was actually about shiso pretending to be basil.

The shiso is doing very well, both in the greenhouse and outside. We are looking forward to many delicious salads.

John also planted zucchini

and three different kinds of hot peppers.

And little flowers are already starting to bloom on the cucumber and tomato plants.