the broccoli, cabbage and kale are all thriving. They seem to like the cool wet weather. Collards too.

tomato blight

Tomatoes aren't doing so great this year. We are experiencing "late blight" which is a fungus that attacks the leaves and eventually kills the plant. Same fungus that caused the great potato famine. The hope is to get some tomatoes to ripen before the plant dies. Some dry hot weather will help considerably. If not there's always pickled green tomatoes and fried green tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes seem to be doing the best.


cukes over the years

The weather has been cold and wet for the first half of summer and the ground hasn't warmed up enough to jumpstart the cukes. for a comparison, here's the cucumbers from 7/28/06, and 7/21/07. The last one was taken 7/14/09. They got some catching up to do.
Collards, broccoli and kales are loving the cool nights and doing great. Zucchini and Summer squash, just starting. The lettuces haven't gotten bitter yet from too much sun (the plus side of the cold and rain). I'll post more of this year's crop in a day or 2.